BRIDGEWATER Billie Jean is not his lover and the Green Knoll

Originally, RED shipped us three boxes that contained 13 smaller boxes with all the parts, or, so we thought. Sadly, first shipment did not feature all of the parts, which we discovered during the first assembly of the camera. After talking with a sales rep, the missing components were shipped and we could proceed with the assembly of this setup.

cheap oakley sunglasses Sunscreen, check. Hat, check. Bug spray, check. This article was first published June 9 and updated June 11.BRIDGEWATER Billie Jean is not his lover and the Green Knoll Grill didn’t have permission to play Michael Jackson’s1982 hit.That mistake could cost this restaurant to the tune of several thousands of dollars for each of the four songs that Broadcast Music Inc. Claims the venue played one Friday night in May 2014.Green Knoll Grill also is accused of allowing patrons to rock out to the early 1990s Robin S dance hit “Show Me Love,” Elvis Crespo’s “Suavemente” and Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” which gives the Bridgewater watering hole the unlikely distinction of being the defendant in a lawsuit involving the House of Gaga as a plaintiff.Green Knoll Grill is not alone. Last year, the music giant took more than 160 businesses to court, saying they played one of the 8.5 million songs in its repertoire.The violations could be a result of music played on speakers, DJs spinning records, a band performing covers or patrons screeching out karaoke. cheap oakley sunglasses

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