The students learned basic knitting and crocheting skills

Fox, who was diagnosed with blood cancer in April, underwent a cord blood transplant last week. He is in need of a bone marrow transplant, but there is no match in the registry at this time. Ever since he was diagnosed, Fox has led a campaign to encourage more people to add themselves to the bone marrow donor registry to help others in need.

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supreme hats 17; Poro, Polars, Jan. 20; McKinley James, Jan. 25; Cloud Nothings, Jan. The students learned basic knitting and crocheting skills earlier this year and are continuing their projects in school and at home with family members. They pick and design the style of accessories and make each piece unique. Thomas saw the project done in other parts of the country, so she brought the idea to the school’s attention as a way of giving back.. supreme hats

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