Then, in June 2005, her long term partner Patrick McDermott

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cheap jerseys There followed a string of film and record flops, a company that went bust, a marital break up and a devastating battle against breast cancer.In 1992, two weeks after her father died of cancer, Olivia was diagnosed with the killer disease and needed to have a partial mastectomy.Her 11 year marriage to Matt Lattanzi ended in divorce. Then, in June 2005, her long term partner Patrick McDermott mysteriously vanished on an overnight fishing trip out of San Pedro, California.Friends say Olivia cried every day for almost two years.But within months of landing the role of heartthrob Danny, John’s girlfriend Diana Hyland died of breast cancer, aged 41.Sadly, that wasn’t the only personal tragedy to rock his life. In January last year, John and wife Kelly Preston’s 16 year old son Jett was found dead in a bathtub at the family’s holiday home in the Bahamas. cheap jerseys

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