Internet Security: Your “all you need to know” Guide

Internet Security: Your Lack of internet security and internet safety are increasingly becoming issues of concern. There are innumerable dangers that can pose a serious threat to not only data but also to our assets and even our life. In the recent times, hackers, identity thefts, piracy, and cybersex-crimes have increased greatly in frequency and everyone has to take effective measures to ensure that they and their data are relatively free from harm.
Easy access to information, easy to use attributes of the Internet and the fact that there is no immediate, in-your-face harm done, can lead to anyone letting their guard down. In addition, there is no guarantee which predator is lurking behind which button click! Some of the common internet security issues that you canface are –

1. Hacking -One of the main threats troubling the Cyber-crime police, all over the world is, hacking. A hacker can get unauthorized access and complete control of your various accounts (social, banking, etc.,) data on your computer, or even whole networks! Just imagine what can happen to all your hard earned money if a hacker gets access to your banking passwords?

2.Phishing,Spam and email frauds – Spamming, though harmless, can be quite irritating for a user to see an inbox full of unwanted mail. However, Email frauds and phishing are scams where your personal sensitive information is acquired by posing as a trustworthy entity and used for illegal purposes. These can get you in serious trouble with the law.

3.Pornography- Pornography, pedophiles, sexual addicts are an increasing threat to children who can be lured and abused. Photographs posted on social websites can be misused and put up on pornographic websites.

It is then essential to keep abreast about the latest internet security dangers, internet frauds, ways and means to identify and prevent such security threat issues and most importantly remain updated about the latest technology and software that is available to avoid internet security mishaps. The best way to arm yourself against these is by reading news and gathering information on a regular basis about the happenings in the cyber-world. There are many search engines that can give a million search listing of related articles. However, it is easier to have all relevant information under one roof! is one such website that has all the required data and information available. The website is a complete internet security guide. You can also find many useful internet security reviews, articles that give a clear insight into what the latest in internet security. All your questions regarding windows security essentials will be answered here. If you keep asking yourself, “Do I need antivirus software?” or “Should I buy Antivirus Software?” you will find the right answers on! is one such website that has all the required data and information available.

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