How The Music Industry Has Been Changed By The Internet

The music industry has gone through a lot of changes, in the past 15 years. With the revolution that the Internet has created, the music industry has changed forever. Owing to the Internet, music has changed in terms of how music is bought, how artists gain market exposure and how music is shared. Not only have there been massive changes in the music industry but also the pace at which these changes are happening, have increased as a result of the Internet. With new technologies being developed every time, the Internet grows stronger and becomes more and more convenient, every year. Whether you like it or not, the Internet is here to stay and so the changes made to the music industry are here to stay as well.

Here are some things in the music industry that have been changed as a result of the Internet:

Purchasing Music Online
Today, the use of CDs and cassettes are becoming obsolete. Some people don’t want to buy an entire CD but only a song or two. With the Internet, songs can now be sold separately. It has been more convenient to sell music, through the Internet. With the capability for a certain music artist to sell his or her songs through the Internet, a wider audience can be reached but owing to the widespread use of the internet for buying music CD’s, a lot of music companies have lost significant amount of revenue. Although their songs are reaching more people, mostly individual songs are being sold and not whole albums.

Getting Exposure Online
One very powerful feature of the Internet is the power of promoting people. It is mostly free and these promotions can spread quite quickly. An artist can ultimately gain a lot of exposure with the help of the online world. With the Internet, artists are able to post videos, sending out a message to their fans and easily have it available to anyone who wants to view them online. Through various social networking sites, the music artists can keep in touch with their fans, from all around the world. Setting and posting dates online for gigs and concerts is also a lot easier because of the Internet.

Online Piracy
Although the music industry with the help of online technologies has helped in boosting an artist’s or band’s exposure and has made purchasing songs a lot more convenient, one big problem that the music industry continues to face is online music piracy. With all the technologies that we have today, it is extremely easy to steal songs off the internet. People can get free mp3 downloads as easily as they can purchase songs from legitimate websites. Online piracy resulted in the music industry losing millions of dollars in revenues, every year.

To combat piracy, many music companies now offer free downloads of their songs in low quality. Legitimate free downloads are provided and there are no legal issues involved in downloading the freely available songs. Once music fans all over the world download them and listen to them, if they like they can purchase the high quality ones. Also, a lot of new technologies are being developed so that the copy protection on the downloaded songs cannot be easily broken. Many legal bodies are being formed to find out places where piracy is happening. Many national governments have made their laws against piracy very strict. If you are caught doing or supporting piracy directly or indirectly, it can lead to severe liabilities.

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