The Emerging Dilemma Of Ebook Piracy

We’ve all heard about the plagues that face the music and movie industry with respect to digital piracy. Ever since the advent of MP3s, free music has been abundantly available to those who choose to download their music at no cost.

By choosing to get the music for free, such as on a platform for sharing files or a torrent website, this definitely puts a hurting on the sales of a lot of artists. The same is true with the movie industry when the movies are recorded first by movie pirates before they upload them to the sharing platforms.

Most recently, it seems like this problem has spread to yet another medium. All of a sudden, e-books are now being shared via this means and it seems that the issue may be growing.

So many books are being put in digital form and it is quite easy to get them by going to a torrent or file sharing site and downloading them illegally without paying anything.

Tablet PCs and the Kindle are pretty popular digital mediums that enable the proliferation of the books through digital means.

This could potentially be a sharp blow to the publishing industry, and people should really consider their actions before taking part in such illegal activity.

Writers are only able to spend the time researching and writing their works because of the sales they can expect down the line. If the industry takes a hit, we may be left with a world devoid of much high quality writing as a result.

It is my belief that almost all of us do realize that we would surely be in a bad position if that should occur, so the best thing to do is to stop this illegal activity if you are doing it.

Throughout the second quarter of 2009, e-book sales went above $ 37 million and, because of that, regulators are going to be made to deal with this issue as the use of e-books keeps growing and growing.

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