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If you are fond of music, you are sure to like the power to download songs online. Who wouldn’t? There is no other way to get all of the good music and bands that you adore, in one place, at one time, than to download music from the Internet. You will get everything you know and love and can come across some good artists that you may never have heard of before.

You can get literally millions of music files online. You won’t believe how straightforward it is to download the music that you get pleasure from when you locate a good download service. It’s really imperative to make sure that you come across a good, legitimate download service before you start pulling any files. If you get caught up with a website that is disreputable, you could end up in big trouble.

The government and the recording industry, in general, take pirated music sharing and loading very seriously. There are huge lawsuits that have occurred in the past and others that are at this time working their way through the judicial system, waiting to slap music pirates with huge fines and in some cases, many years behind bars.

There are many class action law suits against individuals who have been downloading music online, illegally. Piracy is a especially serious wrongdoing and the music community has been fighting for years in an attempt to terminate the piracy of online downloads. It’s serious business that has landed some otherwise unknowing, gullible and innocent people in jail for years and paying thousands of dollars in fines.

It’s effortless to unearth legitimate, lawful sources for music downloads. Run a inquiry on your preferred search engine and find out who provides legal downloads. You will possibly receive a very long list. You can drill down and uncover exactly what you’re searching for by getting more detailed. If there is a individual artist that you are looking for, type their name in the search field.

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You will discover songs from literally every genre available to download online. Some sites specialize in particular eras and artists. Many major download websites present you very hard to find music that you may have been searching for, for quite some time. Once you uncover a service that presents above-board service and you have verified that the website is lawful, you can start to download songs right away.

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First Action in SLC Exposes TPP
internet piracy
Image by Backbone Campaign
Salt Lake Citizens mobilized the first of a week’s worth of actions to expose the TPP for what it is, Toxic for People and the Planet.

Photos by Jerrick Romero.


Community rallies against the Trans-Pacific Partnership
Salt Lake City, UT November 19, 2013
Delegations from twelve national governments are meeting this week at Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City to negotiate the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a trade agreement shrouded in secrecy designed to benefit multinational corporations. Activists and concerned citizens are planning actions throughout Salt Lake City to educate the public about the trade agreement and to protest the negotiations.
Citizens, journalists, activists and even members of Congress have been denied access to the agreement’s text, while representatives from multinational corporations have played a key role in the drafting process. This utter lack of transparency continues into the Salt Lake meetings, that were not disclosed to the public until very recently, and which journalists and community members will not be allowed to attend.
In spite of this short notice, the community has mobilized the TPP Welcoming Committee. On Tuesday at 10:30 a.m., these activists will hold an action at the Bureau of Land Management offices at 440 W. 200 S., to protest the selling off of our public lands to corporate interests. From there, they will march to a larger protest at Grand America Hotel, where organizers will speak out about the major problems of this trade pact and comment on actions that need to occur to halt this agreement which, if passed, will have pervasive negative effects on citizens of all signatory countries. On Tuesday night at 6 p.m., the TPP Welcoming Committee will hold a teach-in at the Utah Pride Center, 255 E. 400 S., to explain the impact the treaty will have on medical access, internet freedom, climate justice, labor rights and many other important issues. This will be followed by a creative nighttime light action at 8 p.m. outside Grand America Hotel, pulling the TPP out of the shadows and into public scrutiny.
Organizations like WikiLeaks have been able to obtain and release to the public only a small portion of the provisions of this secret agreement. They have exposed that the agreement expands copyright and patent monopolies, with alarming consequences. It enables pharmaceutical companies, for example, to use patents to substantially increase the costs of many drugs and therefore deprive people around the world of lifesaving medicine. The current draft of the agreement contains many of the same copyright provisions and controversial internet censorship powers previously contained in the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act, overwhelmingly opposed by the U.S. populace.
In addition, the TPP would create international tribunals in which corporations could sue governments to overturn sovereign laws and extract vital resources from taxpayers and communities. These courts, completely outside U.S. jurisdiction, would expand corporate power while undermining national sovereignty and local control.
The TPP and the secretive negotiations undermine free speech, further entrench corporate rule, deny people around the world lifesaving medicines and erode national sovereignty. The agreement is yet another example of the corrupting influence of money in our political process. Accordingly, those involved in the negotiations will face significant opposition and dissent from the TPP Welcoming Committee and other concerned citizens.
The TPP Welcoming Committee is a coalition of individuals and organizations including Backbone Campaign, Sole de Utah, Utah Tar Sands Resistance, the Justice Party, Center for a Stateless Society, Popular Resistance,, Washington Fair Trade Coalition, HESA-Heterodox Economics Student Association at the University of Utah, and March Against Monsanto.
For more information, call 805-776-3882, email and visit

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