The Various Forms Of Cyber Crimes

Crime has evolved with time. In the present era, criminals commit a myriad of cyber crimes through the internet. The definition of “cyber crime” is extensive and ranges coming from small non-monetary crimes to big monetary crimes. Being varied in form, it is sometimes difficult for people to tell whether they are doing something illegal or not. Listed here are examples of various forms regarding cyber crimes.

Probably the most common form of internet crime is internet piracy. Piracy is popular to a point that some people do not think it’s a crime. Being an internet user, you should not download music, movies and other copyrighted materials. Downloading is a crime since it involves depriving performers and production businesses of their earnings. Learn to buy things from the internet instead. There are a number of websites which sell movies and also music at a fairly fair price.

The spreading of viruses is another form of cyber criminal offense. Some people view Trojans viruses as a game and easily email it to others. Distributing viruses are illegal given that viruses tend to corrupt and destroy other’s computers.

There are various kinds of cyber crimes used by children. The most common one is cyber bullying. Bullying was in yesteryear limited to the school backyard, but has now developed to the internet. Although not physically damaging, cyber intimidation is known to cause mental damage. Cyber intimidation is punishable by law in some States and nations, so parents ought to monitor their children and prevent them from being cyber bullies. This practice is however not necessarily limited to children. You find that some adults practice it as well. Internet stalking is also a form of cyber bullying.

Fraud has evolved to the internet together with criminals using the internet to be able to steal from you. Some criminals can use a malware to copy your personal details, whilst other criminals tend to send you misleading details to defraud you. The stolen personal data are usually used in identity fraud.

Traditional crimes just like illegal gambling as well as drug traffic have also evolved to the internet. States that do not allow wagering have set up lawful gambling on the web. The drug traffickers may also be using the internet to communicate and transact their business from all over the world.

One of the common forms of internet crimes include internet hacking. There are various those who use the internet to gain against the law access to other people’s computer systems. Hackers tend to destroy individual or business information. Hacking also goes hand in hand with cyber terrorism. Some extremists are utilizing the internet to cause havoc to governments simply by breaking into their internet sites and stealing valuable information.

The syndication of illegal information and data is another one of the numerous forms of cyber crimes. This can be in a kind of child pornography. Getting and distribution of child pornography online is illegal and punishable by the law.

As observed above, most kinds of cyber crimes have got evolved from old or traditional crimes. It is because cyber crimes are generally global and are more difficult to combat than the traditional crimes. To stay a position to successfully combat such crimes, there should be standardized punishment of cyber crimes.

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"Many websites today are engaging in an awareness campaign about two pieces of pending U.S. anti-piracy legislation — SOPA (The Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (The Protect IP Act).

If you would like to join Internet users around the world in this campaign, you may choose to symbolically darken Flickr photos (yours or others), depleting the web of rich content and letting others know about the potentially harmful impact of these bills. For more information see

I do not wish to participate. Do not darken my photos. Darken this photo."

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