Luxury Apartment Living at Revere Beach in Massachusetts

Our careers are up here in the northern part of the country. Though we would like to live in the extreme south for year-round beach weather, that is not possible right now. So, what did we do? We did the next best thing. We picked to live right at a famous beach in the northern states. It is the first public beach that got established in 1869, and we live at the Revere Beach apartments. Sure, we have winter to deal with, but the summers are awesome here in Massachusetts. Our apartment gives us luxury living, and we can even have our dog! We have a crazy Jack Russell Terrier that runs the house. She is a beach bum if I have ever seen one.

We are even saving money by living here. We have close access to the “T,” and we leave our used car parked most of the time. This saves us a fortune in fuel and maintenance. We even get an insurance discount for not driving many miles in a year. We only keep it for times we need to travel out of state or to an area not served by the public transit system close to our apartment. Having a washer and dryer in the apartment means no more trips to a laundromat. If you have ever had to do that for a couple of years, you would know how that is a prime amenity for an apartment anywhere.

We have oceanfront views from our apartment. Some apartments have private balconies, and others have private access to a courtyard that is impeccably landscaped. The area for walking our dog and the grooming room for residents with dogs is an added bonus. No more cleaning up dog hair in the shower trying to make it work like a doggy bath. The grooming room is the place to go to take care of your doggy’s grooming needs. Oh, and our car is parked in a garage. It does not sit outside. That is practically unheard of for apartment living.

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