Moving in Before My Job Starts

I knew I needed to find an apartment for rent in Antioch TN because I was moving there within the next few weeks, whether I was ready or not. That is when my new position starts, and I am really not wanting to live in a hotel room until I find a nice enough place to stay. I decided to spend a couple of hours looking online so I could get everything sorted. I needed to find out a lot more about the town first so I could know which area was the most ideal for me to move into.

It really did not take as long as I thought it would. When I saw the area that I liked best, the only apartment complex that really spoke to me was the Hickory Trace apartments. They are nice and have a lot of amenities without being pretentious or trying too hard. Usually what I have discovered with apartments like that is the rent is a lot more, and the features are not as good as what is advertised on the apartment complex’s website. I didn’t think that would be an issue with Hickory Trace.

I would be able to move right in. It is ready for cable and Internet, which is important to me. It also comes with an appliance package, which includes the typical things as well as a disposal. There are laundry connections available for those who do not want to use the community laundry rooms. The fitness center is equipped nicely, and the swimming pool is great. I knew my favorite things were going to be the private balcony and the fireplace, and it is because of those two things that I put in my application for there. It has already been accepted, and I will be moving in at least a week before I start my job there.

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