The Pirate Bay and Its Impact on the Internet


Do you remember a time when the Internet was not that big yet and there were only a few sites that people went to? This was more than a decade ago and back then things such as mIRC and ICQ (chat relay services) were quite popular. In 2003, a file sharing site known as the Pirate Bay made its debut on the World Wide Web and the rest, as they say, is history. This was when file sharing and torrent downloading started to take bloom, and both of them have become staples of the Internet.

We all know that the Internet has a strong stand against piracy, and unfortunately for them one of the most popular sites on the web also happens to cater to “pirates.” Now while it might not actually be doing piracy directly, the Pirate Bay’s users are the ones who upload copyrighted content onto their servers. These files are converted into torrents and are downloaded with apps called torrent clients.

The Pirate Bay’s main purpose is to give users a place where they can share their files, so technically the site is not the one at fault. If the law enforcers really want to catch the true culprits, then they will have to find a way to arrest the thousands of users who upload their content on the site on a daily basis. So how much has the Pirate Bay impacted the Internet? For one thing, it has become synonymous with the term “free content” because that’s what its fans get from it.

If it were not for the Pirate Bay, then web users all over the world would not be able to enjoy the benefits of watching their favorite movies, playing their favorite games, and reading their favorite comic books for free. There are a ton of sites on the web that try to emulate the Pirate Bay in terms of what they do, but the torrents they produce will never be able to match the ones that the Pirate Bay has when it comes to quality. Isohunt, also known as “the Pirate Bay copy site”, is a good example of this.

The Pirate Bay has become so popular that even the world’s governments have been trying for years to get rid of it for good. In fact, the UK has already imposed a ban on the site, but users have still found a way to get access to Pirate Bay through the use of Pirate Bay reverse proxies. These proxies hide a user’s IP address so they can browse websites like the Pirate Bay without being detected.

So it is pretty safe to say that the Pirate Bay has become somewhat of a cultural icon of the digital age.

Natasha Vaughan – A retired bank manager who found joy and happiness in the world of Internet.

the Pirate Bay copy site,
access to Pirate Bay

Listen to Abe – Stop SOPA and PIPA
internet piracy
Image by DonkeyHotey
"The Democracy of to-day hold the liberty of one man to be absolutely nothing, when in conflict with another man’s right of property. Republicans, on the contrary, are for both the man and the dollar; but in case of conflict, the man before the dollar." – Abraham Lincoln

In this case you might define Republican as "An advocate of a republic, a form of government that is not a monarchy or dictatorship, and is generally associated with the rule of law."

My point in using this quote is to highlight the fact that SOPA, PIPA, the DMCA and related laws are supporting the rights of property holders over the rights of speech and liberty. Very few people defend piracy , but it is not just to throw out due process of law to save a corporation some imaginary profits.

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Read the entire letter from Lincoln in the New York Times


NOTE: After experiencing the day of protest about SOPA/PIP it is clear that the action could better be called a Web Blackout rather than a Strike.

TAKE ACTION! Google has a form.

NOTE: I decided to change to this current quote after I determined that the quote that I was using probably erroneous. That quote is: "America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."

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How Internet Piracy Affects You


By now, you should know that copying and distributing any copyrighted material is illegal and is called piracy. You should also know that having any of these pirated materials in your possession is also illegal. While there are some differences in the types of piracy, the end of the line is that it is illegal and you could be charged and even face jail time for downloading, burning, copying, selling or owning pirated materials.

Pirated materials are rife throughout the world, but especially in the Far East and Eastern Europe. It is easy to get a hold of these pirated versions of popular (and expensive) software; however, the costs can be many.

Not only may you find yourself with hefty fines for using and owning pirated material, you may also have problems with your computer. Many pirated software packages come complete with viruses that can tear down the foundation of your computer. The cost to repair damages done by some viruses can be incredible – rendering your computer useless in some cases and much data lost.

Internet piracy also affects the base cost of the product. The more that people steal the programs, the higher the cost of the programs in retail – companies are out to make a profit and if the guy down the street sells pirated versions of software, the company has to increase their price.

There are several types of software piracy, and these include:

End-user: a user copies software without the appropriate license. This can be as easy as purchasing one copy of software and using it on multiple computers in a business or home setting.

Pre-installed software: a manufacturer uses one copy of software and uses it on more than one computer that they are selling. Watch out when you purchase a new computer that the software comes with the appropriate license documentation stating that the software you have is licensed properly.

Internet: downloading copies of software through the Internet. If you are downloading material, ensure that the publisher of the software has authorized the distribution. There is quite a bit of “free ware” and “share ware” out there on the net, but be cautious that you aren’t downloading from a third party who does not have the right to offer these downloads.

Counterfeit: Illegal copies of software are made and then distributed in packages that are similar reproductions of the manufacturer packaging.

Online auction: There are several forms of online auction piracy, such as selling software that is labelled NFR (not for resale) or OEM software that is not authorized for sale by a third party.

Remember the rule of thumb: If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. If you have found a “sale” on software that seems too good to be true, chances are its pirated and illegal.

Pirated copies of software, including downloaded movies, music and more, affect everyone. These illegal copies are not “showing the companies” – it’s making everything more expensive at the retail level and copying these discs will become increasingly more difficult, to the point where we may not be able to afford them at all in any way shape or form (and thusly, if pirated, no newer versions will be released).

Mark Warner is a Legal Research Analyst for RealDealDocs gives you insider access to millions of legal documents drafted by the top law firms in the US. Search over 10 million Documents, Clauses, and Legal Agreements for Free at

2012-03-17 – 001-007 – HDR
internet piracy
Image by vmax137
Update 2015-07-11: CitiesXL isn’t for me but Cities Skylines by Colossal Order and published by Paradox Interactive is the spiritual successor to Simcity 4.

A view of South Lake Union and Queen Anne Hill after inspired by the official announcement that SimCity 5 has been under development with a February 2013 release date. This is one of those games that I would get without a second thought if it weren’t for the number of questionable incidents involving Electronic Arts’ Origin content delivery system. That aside SimCity 5 will feature curved roads, zoning, and a rigid-body dynamics physics engine. After almost a decade of waiting it’s great to see the continuation of a classic game series.

SimCity Announce Trailer Insider’s Look :…
SimCity 5 developers Q&A on Reddit:…

Even though a robust multi-player SimCity is something a lot of people wanted, the game series was always single player-centric where mobile users with no internet connection can play anytime. Additionally Electronic Arts is well-known for shutting down game servers after a few years rendering games to become partially functional or not at all. SimCity 4 was released in 2003 and I and many others up until the last few years have been playing it on and off. It’s unrealistic to expect companies to run servers indefinitely to begin with so gamers as well as fans have good reasons to believe that SimCity 5’s lifespan will be significantly less than its predecessors.…

Update – 2013-03-08:
It’s almost a year later and SimCity 5 has been released. From what I’ve seen the game discourages exploration by not allowing loading from an earlier save point which limits the educational aspect and fun in a sandbox simulator. I can see a hardcore game mode where decisions are permanent so emotional connections with cities are stronger, but this ain’t Fire Emblem. SC5 also traded scale for detail. It’s not the game that I wanted but parts of it looks like serious fun. Unfortunately just about everyone who’s not playing are on a SimCity Disaster Watch.

Maxis and Electronic Arts still make great games but EA as a publisher and distributor has the dubious distinction of being responsible for the worst roll-out in gaming history so far. An EA Korea Facebook manager’s accusation of piracy in Asian countries as a factor of server outages is a reminder that CEO or intern, anyone in a position dealing with the public are required to do their homework on the products and services they’re representing.

I still play Diablo 3 and while it’s annoying when servers are down I bought into the constant connection because I play public games often and sometimes the auction house can be played as a separate game in of itself. SimCity 5 offers regional play which is great but in single player mode the lack of reverting to a previous save and a saved city can only be loaded from their associated server aren’t compelling enough to require a constant internet connection.

While most people don’t care the digital rights management or DRM issue is a real and major reason for the constant internet connection, but not the only one. The elimination of the secondary used-games market and planned obsolescence by shutting down servers and forcing people to move to the next game iteration are also business strategies being tested.

EA has decided to give out a free game as an apology which is nice. But eating the transaction costs and giving a full refund to those who paid for a SC5 license would have been nicer, and a SC5 single player offline mode would have been the best solution. Voting with your wallet by itself is ineffective since it can be misinterpreted or even be invisible. There has to be communication, sometimes very emotional communication before large organizations can be motivated to change their course of action. I do feel bad for many of the developers and other creatives that worked hard on SC5 and hope their future projects will avoid everything that’s happening here.

Update – 2013-03-20:
Pretty much everything that’s happened so far:…

SC5 has been mostly stabilized so people are busy trying to break it to see its inner workings. Obviously all simulations require a certain amount of abstraction but investigations revealed that the simulation itself is broken where sims take the shortest path regardless of traffic and go to the first home or work they see each day. The reasons given for the constant internet connection were found to be less than truthful as well.

Partly because of this and various other reasons, EA’s CEO has been sacrificed and Origin is holding a gamer appreciation sale for PR damage control. Large publicly traded corporations are beholden to its investors and EA can’t revert back to when Trip Hawkins first founded it to help game developers so a change in culture can’t be expected to occur overnight. Still, there’s a lot of companies that don’t have the financial strength to ride out a bad Costa Concordia PR disaster so maybe this will deter them from making similar decisions.

SC5 is a great looking game but I can’t and won’t even pirate it. Security or ethical issues aside there’s no reason to because my limited game time and finances should be used to support good games, with the occasional sale. I’ll approach the next SimCity with a skeptical but still open mind though. Keep the art and audio assets, allow online as optional, fix the simulation engine and I just might be there.

Downloading Punjabi Songs from The Internet – Is It Legal?


If you enjoy listening to the latest Hindi and Punjabi songs on your cellphone or any other mobile device then you would definitely want to download a whole lot of these songs from the internet. There are plenty of sites that offer a number of Punjabi and Hindi songs for download and these sites are also very easy to use. You can find a large number of old and new Punjabi songs as well as Bollywood tunes on these sites. However you do need to consider whether every Punjabi songs download you do is legal so that you do not break any laws inadvertently.

Piracy is a major problem being faced by the entertainment industry. The people responsible for producing Bollywood songs and other musical works including religious and traditional tunes do not get paid for their efforts on account of this piracy. Every time a person does a Hindi songs download from a site that has acquired it illegally then he or she is depriving the singer and music producer of money whilst also supporting illegal activity. If you are interested in listening to songs online legally then you should do a few things to ensure that you stay on the right side of the law.

For one, make sure that you select a site that only features songs that are already in the public domain. This ensures that there is no chance of any copyright violations. Further, you should patronize a website that offers songs for the purpose of promotion or testing. You’ll be surprised to find out that there are quite a few sites that offer these songs. However, you do have to remember to delete the content you download within 24 hours of doing so. If you really enjoy a song then you should buy it from an authorized source so that you can keep it for as long as you require. In fact, perfectly legal sites always encourage you to buy songs from the correct source.

The best sites that offer songs for free download make sure that they update their content very frequently, using songs from legal sources. It is a good idea to look for one such site so that you can enjoy as much music as you want. Be sure to check that the downloadable content is of the best possible quality so that you have an enjoyable experience listening to them.

The people responsible for producing Bollywood songs and other musical works including religious and traditional tunes do not get paid for their efforts on account of this piracy.

digital makes us want more life
internet piracy
Image by Will Lion
“What is happening is a reversal of history. Artists can no longer sell the products of their genius because the internet supplies it virtually for free. What can be sold is that genius in the flesh.”

Simon Jenkins commenting on the rise in demand for real, live experiences | Times Online…

Image courtesy of Erica_Marshall: (this citation appears on the image in the bottom left)

How Music Libraries Were Transformed By The Internet


As with any new, widely accessible invention, the internet was feared for its easy and quick distribution of items and ideas. Many music labels and artists set forth an endeavor to prevent the use of the web as a means to spread their creations illegally. However, the progressive internet and those who inhabit it could not be stopped.

Music studios are beginning to see that in actuality a major benefit has arisen from this excited wave of free-sharing. More bands than ever before are turning a profit that may otherwise have been expected to fail, or would never have gathered attention at all. People with a love for genres outside the easily accepted norm have created hundreds of self-categorized sub-genres that make demands for sound that popular radio wouldn’t have given a chance.

With internet acting as a proliferation zone for both standard genres and subgenres, personal audio libraries are becoming extremely diverse. Although illegal downloading is still prevalent within society, producers have taken notice of the possible marketing techniques through free song downloads. Many companies are now offering free song samples and limited time specials to customers as an incentive for further purchase.

The success of many small businesses that moved online gave much needed confidence to larger companies to follow suit and make the journey along the virtual highway. Apple has released their iTunes Store, a program that one can download online, allowing customers to make large or small purchases of many different songs and albums. The iTunes Store allows a person to select only the songs he or she wants from a particular album without requiring the person to purchase the whole album.

Connection to the world-wide-web has also made the library itself a variable tool. In years past, there was only the default music player that came equipped in the software of the computer itself, but now many different programs compete for the most popular install online. Some provide the music in stores, connect to a portable device like an iPod, burn disks, shrink file sizes, organize, and find all information for an untitled MP3. These programs have also inspired easier creation of independently made music from home that can be quickly shared with the world with a simple click of the mouse.

The internet has proved itself to be a guaranteed source of endless possibilities for many people and industries. The transformation of music collections from a physical library of records, cassettes and CDs, to an intangible virtual form has the web to thank. Even though there are those who see the online virtual music libraries as a deviation from the norm, there is no doubt that internet connection will continue to change how people use them.

This article has been written by the author, Eric James. Should you require anymoreaccupuncture treatmentsplease visit his acupressure weight loss resources!

To every iTunes Music Store sucker, thanks a billion
internet piracy
Image by Thomas Hawk
ABC News: iTunes: One Billion Served Crank up the old PR and spin machine. Apple today announced their one billionth iTunes download today. The song? Speed of Sound by Cold Play.

"Over one billion songs have now been legally purchased and downloaded around the globe, representing a major force against music piracy and the future of music distribution as we move from CDs to the Internet," said Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Personally I’ve never bought an iTune and I don’t own an iPod. I think Apple’s DRM is awful and represents a major step back for us all. I think those that are investing in iTune digital libraries are suckers. You are basically betting that Apple’s proprietary DRM laced format will be the standard for the rest of your life. You are paying too much for your music and tying yourself to only Apple products going forward. More innovative ways to play your music may indeed come in the future but unless they are marketed by Apple you will not likely be able to use these devices with your iTunes files due to Apple’s tight proprietary control.

Personally I want nothing to do with it. I still collect my digital music the old fashioned way, I rip it straight from CDs to crystal clear high bit rate DRM free mp3s. These files of course can be played on any device and represent better value in my opinion for today’s consumer.

What happens when the killer phone is finally here? You know the one, built in terabyte of storage, lightening fast file transfer speeds, full satellite radio, a breathalyzer, your car and house key, a tiny little thing the size of credit card with a 12 mega pixel camera on it (hey it’s the future right, we can dream). What happens when this phone is out and you really want it and unfortunately Apple didn’t make it? That’s right, you’re a sucker then aren’t you. I thought so. You paid all that good money for your iTunes and now you can’t put them on your new phone because your new phone threatens Apple’s dominance. So who owns the music anyway? You or them? They do. You bought nothing. You bought the right to play their song on their product. It might work today. But I’m not about to bet that this will be the format du jour 10 years from now.

click here for more:….

I talk about internet piracy.


You Can Actually Download Tunes Via The Internet


Truly, if you love music, you are sure to like the ability to download songs on the web. Who wouldn’t? There is no other way to get all of the fantastic music and bands that you love, in one place, at one time, than to download music from the Internet. You will get everything you know and love and can locate some good entertainers that you may never have heard of before.

For those who are fond of a lot of diverse forms of music, there is certainly nowhere else you’ll find such a great assortment of good quality entertainment choices than on the world wide web. You’ll never again have to worry about purchasing numerous compact discs in order to get all of your desired tunes. When you download songs on the web, you are able to pick and choose anything you like.

Exactly how excellent is it that you can make your own personal music soundtrack, out of millions of existing songs? You are able to cross genres and performers, whatever you like. The best means to get started when you want to download songs online is to find a reliable resource for your music. You’ll want to hit upon a site that provides music downloads that are licensed. You can get into a lot of trouble for downloading music that is copyrighted and has not been freed up for downloading.

There are actually copious class action law suits against folks who’ve been downloading music on the internet, dishonestly. Piracy is a especially serious criminal offense and the music community has been fighting for a long time in an effort to end the piracy of Internet downloads. It’s serious business that has landed some otherwise unknowing, unwary and innocent individuals in jail for a long time and paying lots of money in fines.

It’s effortless to find legitimate, legal sources for music downloads. Run a query on your preferred search engine and observe who offers lawful downloads. You will most likely receive a very long list. You can drill down and find exactly what you’re searching for by getting more detailed. If there is a individual artist that you are searching for, type their name in the search field.

It is best to just leave questionable services alone and find one that you can guarantee won’t get you into trouble. You can find the greatest sites for legal music downloads when you run a search on your favorite search engine. Just type in download songs online and you will receive thousands, perhaps millions of hits back. Make sure to check out the top sites that are listed on the search results page.

If you feel you’ll be most interested in having a monthly subscription, shop around first. Make sure that all of the songs and artists and genres you’re looking for are available before you make your purchase. If you can’t find what you’re searching for on the initial site you come to, rest assured, there are a copious amount of others to look into. Keep looking until you discover yourself a music downloading home.

Either purchase tunes individually , buy the whole album on the web or in many cases, subscribe to a month to month service that gives you a larger number of files to download. Whenever you download songs on the internet, it’s a win win situation. You’ll save money and get all the great tunes you love and the labels and entertainers who produce them are monetarily rewarded.

Reserve a couple of romantic comedy through your neighborhood kiosk. There are specific types of kiosks which rent movies.

Listen to George – Stop SOPA and PIPA
internet piracy
Image by DonkeyHotey
"If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter." – George Washington

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NOTE: After experiencing the day of protest about SOPA/PIP it is clear that the action could better be called a Web Blackout rather than a Strike.

TAKE ACTION! Google has a form.

Full quote: "If men are to be precluded from offering their sentiments on a matter which may involve the most serious and alarming consequences that can invite the consideration of mankind, reason is of no use to us; the freedom of speech may be taken away, and dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter."
From an address to officers of the Army (15 March 1783)

The source image for this caricature of George Washington from a painting by American artist Gilbert Stuart via Yale University Art Gallery and Wikimedia.

Copyrights Piracy On The Internet


What do you mean by Copyright? Copyright is the form of safety provided by laws of United States to authors of the “unique works of authorship” that includes dramatic, musical, literary, creative, and architectural with few other logical works.

This safety is accessible to be published as well as unpublished works.
Material in “public domain” is rational property, which will not come under the copyright laws.
Almost all work prior to 20th Century is not at all copyrighted. United States Copyright Office has placed together very clear summaries of copyrights.

If you have made some original work, and you have published it online, you are automatically granted the copyright to that particular work. Others might not make use of your work apart from very clear rule, established in law, though you did not file for copyright at US Copyright Office. If your work is copied as well as published online by the copyright infringe, then there are some remedies accessible. They are cheap and simple to use. If you wish to recover certain damages against somebody who has dishonored your copyright, you have to register your work with US Copyright Office or if somebody has copied as well as republished your content, plus you want to discontinue their web page from emerging on Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other search engines, or else you want to have their website taken down from the Internet this are good enough in the majority cases.

Internet and Copyright:
“The Internet is characterized as one of the largest dangers to copyright from its inception. Internet is soaked in information, lots of with unstable degrees of copyright security. The copyrighted works on Net comprise of news stories, graphics, pictures, novels, screenplays, software, Usenet text and email. In fact, frightening actuality is that about everything on Net is secluded by the copyright law. That can cause problems for unfortunate surfer.

What is secluded on WWW?
Unique underlying design of the Web page and contents includes original text, audio, video, links, graphics, html, vrml as well as other exclusive markup language series. List of different Web sites compiled by the individual or organization and all the other unique elements, which make up original nature of a material.

When making a Web page, you will be able to link to some other Web sites you can use free graphics on the Web page. If graphics are not presented as “free,” they must not be copied devoid of permission.

When making a Web page, you will not be able to put contents of some other person’s or groups website on your particular Web page. You can copy and paste information as one from different Internet sources in order to make “your own” article. Slot in other people’s material, like e-mail, in your personal document, without any permission. Also forward someone else e-mail to a different recipient without permission. Change context or edit somebody else’s digital correspondence in such a way that it changes the entire meaning.

Lots of aspects on the issue of copyright as well as Internet have still not determined. This information, should serve as very useful guide in order to help you stay away from violation of the copyright rules and pitfalls of unintentionally plagiarizing somebody else’s material.

The Online
Copyright Handbook
covers scores of issues and breaks them down so that you
can really use the information!
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SOPA = Less Liberty and more Robo-Justice For All
internet piracy
Image by DonkeyHotey

SOPA, aka the Protect IP Act, will bring Less Liberty and Robo-Justice for All.

Senator Ron Wyden’s "SOPA Statement Warns of Severe Repercussions to a Free and Open Internet if Bills are Passed"

You can read a Senate version of the bill in this PDF.

Sculpture of the "Spirit of Justice" from the Great Hall, 2nd floor of the Department of Justice in Washington D.C. The artist, Carl Paul Jennewein, created this aluminum sculpture in 1935. The dimensions are 12′ 6" tall x 48" in diameter. The CC image used in this post is from my Flickr photostream. The source for this image of the "Spirit of Justice" is a another great photo by Carol M. Highsmith and available via the Library of Congress.

The image has been cropped, exposure increased, contrast increased, and the color is adjusted. The "Spirit of Justice" is holding a web page of the Protect IP Act pdf.

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The Ever Changing Dynamics of The Internet Make Entertainment Law An Ever Moving Target


Among the facets of modern life that the Internet has revolutionized, the ease of instant access to entertainment is perhaps the most significant. Online TV, movies, literature and music are always available in ever-changing titles and formats. Because of the dynamic, fast-paced nature of the Internet, the industries producing online content (or traditional content that seems to magically appear online) are generating huge new legal issues regarding intellectual property rights. For artists and producers alike, trying to make sense of this relatively new area of law without an intellectual property lawyer or some other legal specialist is pure folly. There is simply too much information – much of which is not set in stone – to go it alone. People or firms that create or handle intellectual property in the entertainment arena find themselves in a more advantageous position when they have an entertainment lawyer on their side.

Complications and Challenges

A copyright lawyer faces numerous challenges, from the complex legal structure that governs intellectual property to the complications that can arise when international borders are crossed. This is especially problematic when litigation becomes necessary, as language barriers – both written and spoken – can make detecting infringement and pursuing some kind of redress very difficult. However, intellectual property is, by nature, borderless, so legal specialists in the field must also have expertise in international law.

Other challenges faced by entertainment lawyers have to do with the copyright infringement that occurs each time an Internet user illegally downloads an MP3 song or streams a pirated movie file. Millions of people do it, many of whom assume they’re doing nothing wrong, but that is certainly not the case. Illegal file sharing and downloading unauthorized and copyrighted material are some of the most widespread forms of infringement. And making CD-R copies of music downloaded legally and then distributing them is an equally egregious offense.

Combating infringement in this arena requires a specialist devoted to this area of law. Only by adhering to the rules and regulations that have sprung up since the onset of the digital age – and enforcing them when necessary – can the future of intellectual property be protected.

Types of Talent

Any individual or entity that writes, creates, produces, underwrites or licenses intellectual property stands to gain from the services of a legal specialist such as a trademark attorney. Virtually any type of artistic creation constitutes intellectual property, from a scored, hand-written symphony to the master tapes of a band’s new album. Books, television programs, movies, photographs – even online blogs, essays and articles are considered property of an intellectual sort.

Merchandisers, licensers and any other person or entity that wishes to use a jingle, an image, a clip or anything that belongs to someone else requires a skilled legal player in the field to ensure that all legal measures are taken prior to use. Use of intellectual property without proper prior authorization is basically stealing, so the ramifications for failure to obtain that authorization can be very costly.

Legal Services: Transaction vs. Litigation Attorney

There are a number of reasons an artist or other type of intellectual property holder might need an attorney. Typically it involves one of two things: transaction or litigation. In essence, it may be said that whereas the former has to do with agreements, the latter has to do with disputes. A transaction attorney negotiates and drafts all kinds of contractual agreements, from recording contracts to licensing contracts. Merchandising, syndication and applying for a trademark, for example, all fall into this category.

By contrast, a litigation attorney is trained in handling disputes. In the entertainment industry, especially since the rise of the Internet, these disputes, otherwise known as infringement litigation, occur all the time. Given the sheer number of producers, artists and intermediaries in the entertainment industry, the possibilities for litigation are almost endless. For this reason, lawyers specializing in litigation are in demand. The challenge for these professionals is keeping up with the ever changing dynamics of the Internet in order to best protect their clients.

Potential Consequences

With the internet, the distribution of virtually all forms of entertainment has become incredibly easy, but it’s also led to a culture of copyright abuse. Many consider the internet as the supreme leveler of what once was an uneven playing field. Movie, television and music file-sharing websites are hugely popular, leading to the belief that if they’re out there and haven’t been shut down, the pilfering of copyrighted material must be okay. Many users don’t realize, however, that these websites have passed the liability onto the user. They might have created a platform from which to access these illegal files, but any individual accessing file sharing platforms are usually held to account.

Consequences include lawsuits and fines levied upon individuals who download material illegally. In rare cases, criminal charges can result. The claim by many individuals who have already been prosecuted that they didn’t know the material wasn’t free is disregarded in most courtrooms. Common sense is supposed to prevail, and almost everyone knows that there is very little in life that is truly free. Many universities, too, are cracking down on students who violate copyrights using the school’s .edu server, with disciplinary action becoming the norm.

So how are perpetrators of this theft found? Again, the nature of the Internet has made it easy. File sharing creates an open portal to one’s hard drive, which not only exposes the computer to viruses, and can lead to data theft, but also helps anyone wishing to prosecute, identifying information about the user. Why Do Artists and Producers Need Lawyers?

In the music industry alone, over the last decade or so, a third of the revenue formerly generated by the industry has been lost due to ease of piracy on the world-wide web. No one wants to work for less than what they consider their fair value, and entertainers are no exception. Security features are becoming more sophisticated in an attempt to stop the online thefts, but intellectual property attorneys, both those involved in transactions as well as the litigators know that they are secure in the need for their services, now and in the foreseeable future. They will continue to crack down on violators with every legal means necessary in order to protect their clients.

Author Stephen Daniels highly recommends Baker & Rannells for those seeking professional copyright lawyers in New York. Their legal team has more than 63 years experience in both the U.S. and around the world. Their team will work on your behalf and can assist with research, registration and infringement litigation when appropriate.

piracy vs iTunes
internet piracy
Image by Will Lion
"It is piracy, not overt online music stores,
which is our main competitor." Steve Jobs

Top 10 Interesting and Surprising Facts about Online Piracy

Piracy is one of those subjects that completely divides people. On the one hand, it’s blatant thievery. On the other hand, free episodes of Breaking Bad, yo. The internet is chock full of horror stories about digital piracy ruining people’s lives when the RIAA knocks on their door, so we wanted to share some stories about piracy that everyone should be able to agree are awesome.

Text version:

Coming up:

10. The People Behind Game of Thrones Think Piracy is Pretty Damn Neat
9. Netflix Use Piracy Figures to Decide Which Shows to Buy Next
8. Trent Reznor Hates His Record Company So Much, He Tells Fans to Steal His Music
7. System of a Down Were So Annoyed at Songs Being Pirated, They Released Better Versions on Principle
6. Piracy will Likely Save All Your Favorite TV Shows
5. Microsoft Doesn’t Mind if You Steal Software, as Long as You Steal Their Software
4. Radiohead’s Songs were Bootlegged So Fast, Fans Could Sing Along to Their New Album
3. My Morning Jacket Happily Rip Their Own CDs and Send Them to Fans
2. A Number of Bands Offer People Blank CDs so They Could Burn Their Own Albums
1. Lars Ulrich Pirated His Own Album Simply Because He Could

Source/Other reading:

Netflix Uses Pirate Sites to Determine What Shows to Buy

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich ‘Pirates’ His Own Album

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How The Music Industry Has Been Changed By The Internet


The music industry has gone through a lot of changes, in the past 15 years. With the revolution that the Internet has created, the music industry has changed forever. Owing to the Internet, music has changed in terms of how music is bought, how artists gain market exposure and how music is shared. Not only have there been massive changes in the music industry but also the pace at which these changes are happening, have increased as a result of the Internet. With new technologies being developed every time, the Internet grows stronger and becomes more and more convenient, every year. Whether you like it or not, the Internet is here to stay and so the changes made to the music industry are here to stay as well.

Here are some things in the music industry that have been changed as a result of the Internet:

Purchasing Music Online
Today, the use of CDs and cassettes are becoming obsolete. Some people don’t want to buy an entire CD but only a song or two. With the Internet, songs can now be sold separately. It has been more convenient to sell music, through the Internet. With the capability for a certain music artist to sell his or her songs through the Internet, a wider audience can be reached but owing to the widespread use of the internet for buying music CD’s, a lot of music companies have lost significant amount of revenue. Although their songs are reaching more people, mostly individual songs are being sold and not whole albums.

Getting Exposure Online
One very powerful feature of the Internet is the power of promoting people. It is mostly free and these promotions can spread quite quickly. An artist can ultimately gain a lot of exposure with the help of the online world. With the Internet, artists are able to post videos, sending out a message to their fans and easily have it available to anyone who wants to view them online. Through various social networking sites, the music artists can keep in touch with their fans, from all around the world. Setting and posting dates online for gigs and concerts is also a lot easier because of the Internet.

Online Piracy
Although the music industry with the help of online technologies has helped in boosting an artist’s or band’s exposure and has made purchasing songs a lot more convenient, one big problem that the music industry continues to face is online music piracy. With all the technologies that we have today, it is extremely easy to steal songs off the internet. People can get free mp3 downloads as easily as they can purchase songs from legitimate websites. Online piracy resulted in the music industry losing millions of dollars in revenues, every year.

To combat piracy, many music companies now offer free downloads of their songs in low quality. Legitimate free downloads are provided and there are no legal issues involved in downloading the freely available songs. Once music fans all over the world download them and listen to them, if they like they can purchase the high quality ones. Also, a lot of new technologies are being developed so that the copy protection on the downloaded songs cannot be easily broken. Many legal bodies are being formed to find out places where piracy is happening. Many national governments have made their laws against piracy very strict. If you are caught doing or supporting piracy directly or indirectly, it can lead to severe liabilities.

There are many websites these days. Websites are getting better and better owing to quality web hosting services. Quality service providers like Hostgator help make websites more user friendly and accessible to the music fans around the world. Hostgator coupons and hostgator coupon code for you.

Listen to Teddy – Stop SOPA and PIPA
internet piracy
Image by DonkeyHotey
"…to dissolve the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics, is the first task of the statesmanship of the day." – Theodore Roosevelt

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NOTE: After experiencing the day of protest about SOPA/PIP it is clear that the action could better be called a Web Blackout rather than a Strike.

TAKE ACTION! Google has a form.

More complete quote:
Political parties exist to secure responsible government and to execute the will of the people. From these great tasks both of the old parties have turned aside. Instead of instruments to promote the general welfare they have become the tools of corrupt interests, which use them impartially to serve their selfish purposes. Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. To destroy this invisible government, to dissolve the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics, is the first task of the statesmanship of the day.

The source image for this caricature was adapted from a black and white image available at the Library of Congress website.

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Internet Security: Your “all you need to know” Guide


Internet Security: Your Lack of internet security and internet safety are increasingly becoming issues of concern. There are innumerable dangers that can pose a serious threat to not only data but also to our assets and even our life. In the recent times, hackers, identity thefts, piracy, and cybersex-crimes have increased greatly in frequency and everyone has to take effective measures to ensure that they and their data are relatively free from harm.
Easy access to information, easy to use attributes of the Internet and the fact that there is no immediate, in-your-face harm done, can lead to anyone letting their guard down. In addition, there is no guarantee which predator is lurking behind which button click! Some of the common internet security issues that you canface are –

1. Hacking -One of the main threats troubling the Cyber-crime police, all over the world is, hacking. A hacker can get unauthorized access and complete control of your various accounts (social, banking, etc.,) data on your computer, or even whole networks! Just imagine what can happen to all your hard earned money if a hacker gets access to your banking passwords?

2.Phishing,Spam and email frauds – Spamming, though harmless, can be quite irritating for a user to see an inbox full of unwanted mail. However, Email frauds and phishing are scams where your personal sensitive information is acquired by posing as a trustworthy entity and used for illegal purposes. These can get you in serious trouble with the law.

3.Pornography- Pornography, pedophiles, sexual addicts are an increasing threat to children who can be lured and abused. Photographs posted on social websites can be misused and put up on pornographic websites.

It is then essential to keep abreast about the latest internet security dangers, internet frauds, ways and means to identify and prevent such security threat issues and most importantly remain updated about the latest technology and software that is available to avoid internet security mishaps. The best way to arm yourself against these is by reading news and gathering information on a regular basis about the happenings in the cyber-world. There are many search engines that can give a million search listing of related articles. However, it is easier to have all relevant information under one roof! is one such website that has all the required data and information available. The website is a complete internet security guide. You can also find many useful internet security reviews, articles that give a clear insight into what the latest in internet security. All your questions regarding windows security essentials will be answered here. If you keep asking yourself, “Do I need antivirus software?” or “Should I buy Antivirus Software?” you will find the right answers on! is one such website that has all the required data and information available.

internet piracy
Image by Alrunia

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The Internet Has Challenged Many Intellectual Property Laws – How to Protect Your Business


Most people own some forms of personal property such as jewelry, furniture, and some even own and real estate. If you’re in business, you also have intellectual property. This field of law includes patents, copyrights, trademarks, even your web site name and its content. While intellectual property (IP) law used to be fairly straight forward, the Internet has opened up a whole new world of challenges. You need to know how to protect those IP assets, and you can, but you’ll need to do some due diligence on your own, and it is highly advised to hire a good intellectual property lawyer.

This specialist in protecting intangible assets such as music, artistic works, discoveries, words, phrases, symbols, industrial design, and the like can guide you through the critically important process of donning your legal armor before you expose any of your intellectual property on the world-wide web.

The first recorded use of the term intellectual property was in the 19th century. In today’s global economy, copyright lawyers, legislators, business people and consumers have all been challenged to craft and learn about what trademark or copyright infringement really means when online content can be readily copied by anyone with Internet access. First and foremost, registering and protecting your Internet domain name, which is the foundation for your website, is a critical element in protecting your online intellectual property.

Registration is accomplished by paying an annual fee for the exclusive use of your domain name to a certified registrar (a company that is accredited by the ICANN, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, to perform this function). Your IP lawyer will guide you through this process, which will include a search to make sure your intended name is not already in use. As well, your registrar may work with you on suggestions for names, based on the keywords you give them. This would be especially helpful if you discover that your first choice has already been taken. Rest assured, even with the rapid expansion of the Internet, there is a litigation process for domain name disputes.

Since your name is a significant portion of your online branding, advertising and in making sure search engines pull your website right up when a potential customer is looking for your product, it is vital to keep that registration current.

It is also important to nail down the ownership of your domain name. Although it may seem easier to let your webmaster handle registration and hosting your site, domain name law is a tricky business as well, so get your your IP lawyer engaged to guide you through this process as well. All too often, unsuspecting business owners find out, too late, that the webmaster has control over their domain, and it’s important to know what can happen if you decide to make a change in who hosts or maintains your website, or if your webmaster retires.

Protecting web site content is a two way street. You may want to use product descriptions if you sell goods manufactured by another commercial concern. This is where the doctrine of “Fair Use” comes into play. Although acknowledging where the original content came from is accepted, it is safer to obtain explicit permission to use their product descriptions, photos, etc.

Conversely, it is wise for every business owner, musician, writer or artist to protect their content with software designed to monitor the Internet for violations, as well as copyright protection, which is provided to authors of original literary, dramatic or artistic works. The software is designed to notify you of infringements, but it is up to you to pursue legal channels, if you feel your business is being damaged by an offender.

Software programs are especially vulnerable to Internet pirates who can reverse engineer your product to create a very close approximation. In this arena, a patent is your protection. A patent, which is the granting of a property right to the inventor, is issued by the Patent & Trademark Office. It confers the right to exclude others from making, selling, using or importing your product. This, combined with your due diligence and pursuit of violators, is essential. Filing for a patent is a complicated process, so it is best to consult your attorney early in your project, even before the software is completed and ready for testing.

Another aspect of intellectual property control is the trademark or service mark. Its purpose is to mark a word, name, symbol, device or service to let the market place know where this protected element comes from and also to distinguish it from other similar offerings. Your trademark registration lawyer will advise you that a trademark acts somewhat like a “no trespassing” sign.

To complicate your task even further, the familiar alphabet soup filled with “Latinized” (that’s what our ABCs are called) domain names such as .com, .org, .gov, .edu and so forth, has been spiced up with non-Latin characters from other cultures. This means surfers whose native language uses alphabet characters quite different from ours have joined the party.

Of course, this not only makes your protection challenge steeper, it opens up a whole new world of technical challenges. Your best bet is to engage a really good intellectual property lawyer well versed in international law to help you meet all challenges successfully.

These days, any business owner who does not have a competent intellectual property attorney on speed dial is vulnerable to piracy on the world-wide web from sources that didn’t even exist a few years ago. It’s always better to spend a little for protection than to potentially lose it all when you least expect it.

Author Stephen Daniels highly recommends Baker & Rannells for those seeking professional intellectual property lawyers in New York. Their legal team has more than 63 years experience in both the U.S. and around the world. Their team will work on your behalf and can assist with research, registration and infringement litigation when appropriate.

internet piracy
Image by Phototropy
The land of the free and …

Flickreens are also in danger…

The internet is gearing up for a fight, several sites have pledged to go dark on January 18 in protest of SOPA and PIPA, the internet blacklist legislation currently making their way through Congress. Below is a list of confirmed sites joining in :
3.The entire Cheezburger Network
5.Hacktivist group, Anonymous
6.Red 5 Studios, developer of the Firefall MMO and Popular MMO, Minecraft
8.NLB Creations
9.Webmaster community Admin Forums
10.Web design company,
11.Gaming site Video Game Generation
12.Right Angle Recording
13.All sites in Major League Gaming’s network
15.Errata Security
16.XDA Developers
17.Gaming site,
18.Hey It’s Free!
19.Harder Blogger Faster
20.Colossal Mind
21.Sonic Retro
23.Working It Out
27.Through the Eyes of a Pirate
28.Cynical Brit
29.Platform Nation
30.Digital Suicide
31.Kahn Labs
35.A Much Better Way
36.[H]ard OCP Gaming Community
38.Boing Boing
40.The Weekly Gripe
41.Leslie Networks
42.WordPress for Business Websites
43.Simply Fixed s
49.Raspberry Pi
52.Rational Responders
53.Brian Sapient
54.Celebrity Atheists
55.Purpose of Christmas
56.Atheism United
57.Emerald Angel Comics
58.Fairy Tail Episode
59.Vanilla Forums
61.New Buddhist
62.This is Xbox
63.CnC Fansite
67.Olivero Broadcasting Group
68.BHR Hosting
69.Red Dawn Movie News
71.Kona’s Korner
72.Radioactive Nerd
73.Talking About Games
74.GOOD Evening
75.Rage Maker
78.Doxie Lovers Club
79.Twitpic versions of their site.
80.Age of Coins
81.A Softer World
82.This Is Why Im Broke
83.Cake Wrecks
84.Dance Top 40
85.Code Labs
87.The Ikids Blog
88.MMO Melting Pot
89.Inficron Technologies
91.Geek Culture and the Joy of Tech comic
93.Quiet Speculation

I will not be posting tomorrow. This is global, this is now.

1) The Literary Schmorgasboard