FBI Reports Upon Crime On The Internet Thriving In Recession


Today, whether you talk about the IT industry, real estate, or any other business group, topics revolving about the recession are prevalent nearly everywhere except one. Unfortunately, it happens to be the field of internet crimes.

Recently, as per the reports generated by the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) ( controlled by the National White Collar Crime Center as well as FBI), here are some mind boggling facts and figures about internet crimes in past 12 months.
Firstly, there were about 275,284 complaints regarding internet crimes, and this figure happens to be 33% greater than the number of complaints recorded in the year 2007.

Apparently, more than 25% of those complaints (accounting to about 72940) required referral to some of the best law enforcement agencies round the nation, for further analysis.

While, looking at the total losses suffered this year, there were about losses worth $ 264.6 million, which have increased from $ 239.1 million in 2007. The losses per complaint have been around $ 900-$ 1000 mark, while most of the complaints have been categorized as cases of online frauds and resulted in financial losses.

So, in case you’ve been a victim of such cyber crimes, you must not just file a case and simply leave it, but rather hire a good attorney to represent your case. Remember, if you’ve suffered losses worth $ 1000, you can always claim for higher compensation amounts for several other reasons too.

Focussing upon the major categories of such complaints, the reports reveal that about one third of them involved trouble with purchases and delivery of merchandise, done over the internet. On the other hand, about one fourth of them resulted from internet auction frauds, while the one-tenth involved credit card and debit card frauds.

The remaining categories of internet crimes included computer frauds, confidence frauds, and check frauds, along with the villainous Nigerian letter frauds. Though, the count of these frauds was negligible, the average loss per fraud was way too higher than the others, with per check fraud accounting to about $ 3,000, the Nigerian letter fraud $ 1,650, and the average confidence fraud resulting in loss of over $ 2,000 per case.

Have you been a victim of these cyber crimes and keeping quiet, cursing those smart cyber criminals? Firstly, you must make them regret for these wrongful deeds, and secondly you must understand that established law firms can interact with law enforcement agencies and support your case to bring you justice.

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