Tips on How to Buy a Tabla

Tabla is not just an instrument that is used in Indian music but its versatility in all musical styles has enabled it to become the most popular instrument all over the world. You can simply buy yourself one from tabla shop the UK and get started with the classes.

The tabla is a set of two drums that are played while sitting on the floor. The larger drum is called Bayan and the other one is called Dahina. Each of the drums has two layers of goatskins stretched across its top to provide a playing surface. The top layer is cut in a circle around the rim, and the bottom layers stretch across the entire drum. The most unique quality of a table is the application of an iron and rice paste that is placed in a circle on the top of the drum head.

The things you should keep in mind while making a decision to buy tabla online:

  • Wood: Before you buy tabla online, make sure that you check the details of the tabla-like the wood from which it is made from. A good quality of tabla is made from Sheesham or Biya wood. The Sheesham wood is black in color with a solid bottom whereas by wood is yellowish in color and is comparatively softer in the bottom than the Sheesham wood. Make sure that you get the tabla you are willing made out of either of the woods and the top of the shell is even.
  • Vadhar: The thickness of the vadhars is very important to check before buying tabla. The vad-hars are more susceptible to breaking which very thick vadhars are difficult to stretch when tuning. Some people soak the vadhars in butter before using them to make a pair of tabla. The vadhars are soaked in butter to make it easy to stretch and they never dry out or snap.
  • Gata: The thickness and length of the gata are two important factors that should be kept in mind while making a firm decision to buy tabla online. This is because the thickness of the gata in tabla affects how much the Pudi is stretched when gata is moving. Make sure the tabla you buy has gatas that are just 1-1.25inches in diameter.
  • Shahi: The shahi gives weight to the Pudi. A tabla with a good shahi will have concentric circles and no loose beads or Danna. If the tabla makes a very crisp sound while playing it on the sha-hi, then it’s a good shahi.
  • Pudi Size: The Pudi’s size is mostly responsible for the pitch of the tabla. If you’re a beginner then 5.5′ diameter is recommended.
  • Bayan: A good tabla bayan is generally made from German silver, copper or brass. There are two styles of bayans ie tall or with a stomach. The tabla with a stomach has brass more com-pared to the ones in the tall ones. Bayans can also come with vadhars or strings. The table with the vadhar keeps their stretch for longer.

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