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Qualities of a Healthy Puppy

A healthy puppy is a great canine companion to any family. Dogs like people do have their best qualities as well as poor qualities. When you want to add a puppy to your family, it is important that you understand that puppies are not the same. Some puppies are well behaved others are not. Further it is vital to appreciate that there is a no one fit all case when it comes to puppies the best puppy for your family friend may be the worst puppy your family ever had. You have to look for a puppy that is not only well behaved but also one that best suits your needs as a family. It is this great that you are reading this article. You will learn some great qualities to check when you are purchasing a healthy puppy.

The first quality in a healthy puppy is it’s temperament. You want a puppy that is playful but not too demanding. You want a puppy that will naturally fit in your family and one that will feel secure with your people. When it comes to the health of the canine family, many things come to play. It’s not only the physical health that matters but also mental. Some dogs are very sensitive and you would not want such a dog. Further the temperament of your puppy willl depend on such things as the breeding family as well as the nature of care that is given to it. So buy your puppy that has been bred by a well caring family and you will never regret

Second you need to check if the puppy you are taking home has been given the various vaccines needed by such. Some breeders will just assume that you know the types of vaccines to give your puppy and they will therefore not make an effort to give them. This is wrong and you should not deal with such breeders. Further you will want the health records of the puppy right from the moment it was born to the current day. This record should have information on the various vaccines given as well as any health problem that the puppy has had. If a breeder does not keep such a record, how willl you know that the puppy was actually vaccinated? So do not buy your puppy from such a breeder.

Third check the physical appearance of your puppy. How a puppy looks can tell a lot about it’s health. Check for example the colour of it’s fur as well as the size. Very thin puppies are not well fed and they may not be the best to purchase. You can also look at the eyes, teeth, tail and even the legs. These will tell more about the health of the puppy that you are about to buy. When doing this you also touch the puppy to see if it is too sensitive to touch. If it gets wild at the slightest touch, chances are that it feels pain and therefore not heathy or it is just too sensitive to touch. Avoid such a puppy. A healthy puppy will enjoy being touched.

Finally of you have young children take a trainable puppy home. You want a puppy that will quickly adapt to your home environment. This can happen naturally or after some form of training. Your children should enjoy it’s company more than they fear it.

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